Girl, 19 yo, taken

Verdun - Canada

[CE N'EST PAS MOI SUR LA PHOTO] I'm a wintergirl and I'll win. ☆ as soon as you meet me you'll wish that you never did ☆ keep on hauting me ; i'm bad at love ; i love sad eyes, bad guys, mouth full of white lies. Sayin' that I love him but i know I'm gonna leave him ☆ To you I am immune. 42.2kg ; 1m60 15.8% of body fat.
L'Ange d'un étoile. --
ED. Psychosis. BPD. TDI. Anxiety. Sociophobia. Haptophobia. ¡ I want to lose weight until I die. ■ Here we are, alive. Breathing but dead inside, fighting for a reason to survive. ■ - let me die. I can't hold on much more. × et le manque me ronge de l'intérieur. " Dans ton regard, je ne vois que la liberté de tes dires ; tu es plus mystérieuse que tout aussi douce que brisée "

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  • My star sign : Capricorn
  • I speak: English